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Featured Missing Person
Name: EVERETT, Tache
Date Last Seen: 1965-09-24
Location: Lake Winnipeg, MB (north of Hecla Island)
Details: On September 9, 1965, a lake freighter capsized in a violent storm on Lake Winnipeg, just north of Hecla Island, Manitoba. The vessel carried nine crew members and one passenger. There was only one survivor who managed to f... [Click to read more]

About Us
The objective of the Association is to encourage and develop the co-operation of its members as a management association for the purpose of leading the development of policing in Manitoba and representing police leadership to the people, Minister of Justice and the Government of Manitoba.

The goals of the Association are:

To identify and promote the highest standards of ethics and professional policing practice in the conduct of public policing in Manitoba.

To encourage the professional development of members, acknowledging that enhanced skills in public administration policy development, applied leadership and community development will create more effective Chiefs of Police.

To establish a forum for members characterized by fellowship, trust, co-operation and liaison.

To support the work of, and maintain a direct relationship with, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

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